Armed with an excellent premise, a visionary director, an all-star cast, an innovative cinematographer, and a beautiful score, Arrival is nothing short of a masterpiece. … More Arrival



An off-beat, non-traditional sci-fi action/adventure flick – that is how hard it is to define Snowpiercer. Bizarre, unrealistic, and somewhat campy, this film is not for everyone. But at it’s heart it is utterly human and truly wonderful. … More Snowpiercer

Mad Max: Fury Road

Subgenre films can get caught up in themselves, wallowing in that which makes their niche special, so I love when one is able to stay true to its principles while still telling a quality story. Thankfully, that is the case for “Mad Max: Fury Road”. To make matters better, I was happy it stays in … More Mad Max: Fury Road

Ex Machina

I very much enjoyed “Ex Machina“. Is it perfect? No. Was I satisfied with the ending? Not really. But in these days of effects-ridden sci-fi excess, it is refreshing as a big-concept hard SF head trip – the depth and value of its ideas far outweigh its missteps. I was kept in uncertainty and anticipation … More Ex Machina