Armed with an excellent premise, a visionary director, an all-star cast, an innovative cinematographer, and a beautiful score, Arrival is nothing short of a masterpiece. … More Arrival



He’s Black, he’s poor, and he’s unsure of his sexuality. Think of Moonlight as “Boyhood: without all that straight white privilege” … More Moonlight

The Theory of Everything

Watching a film for the second time is always a special experience – doing so with “The Theory of Everything” tonight allowed me to focus more on its technical side. Clearly the acting is phenomenal, with Felicity Jones and especially Eddie Redmayne giving positively stellar performances (I could write a whole review on Eddie’s genius … More The Theory of Everything

The Imitation Game

“The Imitation Game” has its strong and weak points, but overall is a satisfying, engaging, and important film. First off, after doing some reading it appears the film has a moderate to severe case of “Hollywoodification” – favouring the exciting or sensational exaggeration of character traits and events over historical accuracy. I was also offput … More The Imitation Game


What to say about “Birdman“…. Well, it’s definitely not a ‘sit back and relax’ kind of film, nor is it one that will leave you particularly happy, sad, or even fulfilled. But, after thinking about it, that appears to be the point. The film follows a washed up movie actor trying to reclaim his fame … More Birdman

Still Alice

I have watched several sad movies this week, but “Still Alice“, a beautifully simple film about a woman and her family struggling with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, just hit me the hardest. The film, in depicting early signs through mid-stage familial AD, captures the heartache, turmoil, and confusion surrounding this debilitating disease with unwavering simplicity … More Still Alice


Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood” is a cinematic marvel. Worth more than just the novelty of being shot with the same cast over eleven years, the film is philosophical without preaching, artsy without excess, and overall a refreshing example of cinematic realism. Despite some clumsy acting and some overly stereotypical moments, it potently explores masculinity, family, and … More Boyhood