Love, Simon

All of this is, really, to say: representation matters.  It feels strange to have to keep saying this, but it remains a vital statement for so many who feel underrepresented and thus isolated and alone.  Is this how women felt during Wonder Woman?  Is this how Black people felt watching Black Panther?  Is this how straight people experience EVERY movie?! … More Love, Simon



Trainwreck is a satisfying and humorous summer flick. Schumer has created a genuine, emotional story that just happens to be uproariously funny, and is complemented by a host of excellent co-stars. … More Trainwreck


With lazy screenwriting, frustrating characters, and underdeveloped laughs, Spy fluctuates between funny and utterly annoying. See it for Melissa McCarthy, and try not to cringe at everything else. … More Spy

Inside Out

Inside Out is another triumph from the Pixar powerhouse. A refreshing mix of humour, seriousness, quality acting, and moving themes wild keep both children and adults alike engaged to the end. … More Inside Out