Loving Vincent

Equal parts art, history lesson, and character drama, this film delivers on its stunning premise of the “first fully painted feature film.” … More Loving Vincent



A stunning cast, gorgeous visuals, and by all appearances a respectful presentation of true events, Everest will challenge, frighten, and awe you. … More Everest


“I’m not a girl trying to be a star… I’m just a girl that sings” – Amy Winehouse
A genuine, intimate, and respectful look at the life of a true talent. … More Amy

Woman in Gold

It is sad to see fascinating and compelling stories weighed down or diluted by mediocre filmmaking. I did enjoy “Woman in Gold” – it packs an emotional punch and explores (albeit weakly) intriguing themes – but it is nothing special. The screenplay, cinematography, directing, and music were average: not bad per se, but not noteworthy. … More Woman in Gold

The Theory of Everything

Watching a film for the second time is always a special experience – doing so with “The Theory of Everything” tonight allowed me to focus more on its technical side. Clearly the acting is phenomenal, with Felicity Jones and especially Eddie Redmayne giving positively stellar performances (I could write a whole review on Eddie’s genius … More The Theory of Everything

The Imitation Game

“The Imitation Game” has its strong and weak points, but overall is a satisfying, engaging, and important film. First off, after doing some reading it appears the film has a moderate to severe case of “Hollywoodification” – favouring the exciting or sensational exaggeration of character traits and events over historical accuracy. I was also offput … More The Imitation Game


“Pride“, the true story of the ‘Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners’ advocacy group from the 1980s British Miner’s strike, is, well, striking. Impactful without pushing and meaningful without melodrama, the film delivers the story of those involved in this struggle in a beautifully simple, unabashedly honest way. A genuine feel-good tone pervades the film, … More Pride