With a deeply developed universe and a string of engaging twists and turns, Ascension is a quality miniseries that will keep you guessing until the very end. … More Ascension


Inside Out

Inside Out is another triumph from the Pixar powerhouse. A refreshing mix of humour, seriousness, quality acting, and moving themes wild keep both children and adults alike engaged to the end. … More Inside Out

Woman in Gold

It is sad to see fascinating and compelling stories weighed down or diluted by mediocre filmmaking. I did enjoy “Woman in Gold” – it packs an emotional punch and explores (albeit weakly) intriguing themes – but it is nothing special. The screenplay, cinematography, directing, and music were average: not bad per se, but not noteworthy. … More Woman in Gold

Mad Max: Fury Road

Subgenre films can get caught up in themselves, wallowing in that which makes their niche special, so I love when one is able to stay true to its principles while still telling a quality story. Thankfully, that is the case for “Mad Max: Fury Road”. To make matters better, I was happy it stays in … More Mad Max: Fury Road


With big ambitions and a grandiose underlying message, it was easy for Tomorrowland to fail. Even from the extended trailer (that was tied to The Avengers, I believe) I felt something was off, and as expected, it turned out to be a disappointment. While the film has strengths (some of the visuals and the talented … More Tomorrowland

Ex Machina

I very much enjoyed “Ex Machina“. Is it perfect? No. Was I satisfied with the ending? Not really. But in these days of effects-ridden sci-fi excess, it is refreshing as a big-concept hard SF head trip – the depth and value of its ideas far outweigh its missteps. I was kept in uncertainty and anticipation … More Ex Machina

It Follows

Going into “It Follows”, I was expecting to see another run-of-the-mill, mildly scary supernatural horror flick. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised by its style, themes, and execution. Following a short window of time in a young girl’s life, we see her plagued by… something. Some entity, which can appear as anyone, friend or stranger, is … More It Follows


“Boychoir” was an all-around disappointment. The music, performed by the powerhouse American Boychoir, was of course stunning (and I was happy to have sung or knew each song), but that was about its only redeeming quality. Not only was it a poorly made film, but I don’t feel it accurately reflected the community of boy … More Boychoir

American Sniper

I usually only post reviews of movies I enjoy, but I am compelled to write one anyways for “American Sniper”. This could have been a great movie. If it had effectively focused on the mental toll of Chris Kyle’s journey, it could have been a fascinating exploration of both the psychological effects of war and … More American Sniper