Armed with an excellent premise, a visionary director, an all-star cast, an innovative cinematographer, and a beautiful score, Arrival is nothing short of a masterpiece. … More Arrival


The latest film by Canadian director Denis Villeneuve is a bit disappointing when compared to his previous work (Polytechnique, Incendies, Prisoners, Enemy). With poor character development and a disappointing interpretation of a “female lead”, this film is carried by its cinematography, score, and gripping first half, only to steadily decline to its end. … More Sicario


Interesting, original, and beautiful to behold. With a strong performance by Tom Hardy and intriguingly impressive cinematography, “Locke” is a deeply philosophical look into one man’s psyche. … More Locke


Southpaw may be dry, rife with cliché, and have an abysmal script, but Gyllenhaal and Horner make it definitely worth a watch, proving the work of true artists will shine through even the bleakest of films. … More Southpaw


Trainwreck is a satisfying and humorous summer flick. Schumer has created a genuine, emotional story that just happens to be uproariously funny, and is complemented by a host of excellent co-stars. … More Trainwreck


An off-beat, non-traditional sci-fi action/adventure flick – that is how hard it is to define Snowpiercer. Bizarre, unrealistic, and somewhat campy, this film is not for everyone. But at it’s heart it is utterly human and truly wonderful. … More Snowpiercer