Love, Simon

All of this is, really, to say: representation matters.  It feels strange to have to keep saying this, but it remains a vital statement for so many who feel underrepresented and thus isolated and alone.  Is this how women felt during Wonder Woman?  Is this how Black people felt watching Black Panther?  Is this how straight people experience EVERY movie?! … More Love, Simon


Best of 2017

In preparation for awards season, I’ve compiled my favourite films of 2017… so far. … More Best of 2017


Equally a collection of points of view on art and life, and a set of virtuosic performances from the powerhouse Cate Blanchette, Manifesto weaves together countless manifestos from the past 200 years into an experience unlike any other. … More Manifesto


Armed with an excellent premise, a visionary director, an all-star cast, an innovative cinematographer, and a beautiful score, Arrival is nothing short of a masterpiece. … More Arrival


The latest film by Canadian director Denis Villeneuve is a bit disappointing when compared to his previous work (Polytechnique, Incendies, Prisoners, Enemy). With poor character development and a disappointing interpretation of a “female lead”, this film is carried by its cinematography, score, and gripping first half, only to steadily decline to its end. … More Sicario