Best of 2017

In preparation for awards season, I’ve compiled my favourite films of 2017… so far. … More Best of 2017


Call My by Your Name

With capturing performances, a measured pace, beautifully relevant soundtrack, and genuinely moving character development, Call Me by Your Name will grab hold of your heart and not let go until the bitter end. … More Call My by Your Name


Equally a collection of points of view on art and life, and a set of virtuosic performances from the powerhouse Cate Blanchette, Manifesto weaves together countless manifestos from the past 200 years into an experience unlike any other. … More Manifesto


Armed with an excellent premise, a visionary director, an all-star cast, an innovative cinematographer, and a beautiful score, Arrival is nothing short of a masterpiece. … More Arrival


The latest film by Canadian director Denis Villeneuve is a bit disappointing when compared to his previous work (Polytechnique, Incendies, Prisoners, Enemy). With poor character development and a disappointing interpretation of a “female lead”, this film is carried by its cinematography, score, and gripping first half, only to steadily decline to its end. … More Sicario